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“Pump Boy” – a poem by James Z

Doctor Chris, I want a pump; I know I really do
I think that it would really help
I hope you think so too
I want to eat how much I want and what I want and when
And if I’m hungry after tea I want to eat again!
I love to play my favourite sports like soccer, golf and tennis
But these needles that I ‘m having now are really such a menace.
Hey Dr Chris, I need a pump
I’ve put the word on mum
I reckon it will help to make my diabetes fun.
The only thing that bothers me; it makes me really shudder
They’re eight thousand bucks!…. that really sucks
…when you don’t have private cover.

I’m old enough to go to work
I’ll go and get a job
I’ll pay for private health myself
It’s only a few bob!

So that’s exactly what I did ‘cos I’d turned12 years old;
Hopped on my bike right after school
went down the road to the local pool
and got myself a job.

Truth is though I got that job, I didn’t have to pay
But it did convince my Mum & Dad I do mean what I say!
The time flew by and pump day came, much quicker than I thought
Cannulas, infusion sets and counting carbs were taught.
Boluses and basal rates bombarded my ‘boy-brain’
What I forgot they patiently explained all through again.
Medtronic sent their “coolest” rep
She knows her stuff, Louise
The “Mini-link” and “paradigm” – she made them both a breeze.

A time or two when things stuffed up, I wondered what I’d started
But soon enough I got it right and had that ‘baby’ mastered!
My doctor said to ‘go for it’ and I’m so glad he did
I kind of like contraptions, I’m a gadget-kind-a-kid
The Q Health team are just the best, there is no doubt about it
I love that pump for all it’s worth and wouldn’t be without it!

Such a cool poem!  Thanks James  🙂


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