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Dylan’s Story

Hi … my name is Dylan.  I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in August last year and at the time I was 9 years old.
I was sick for five weeks, I got to the stage where I had no energy, was losing weight and drinking a lot of water.  On the Monday I got up and did soccer training, the next day I couldn’t get out of bed. Mum said “that’s it you’re going to the doctor.”  Mum wanted me to have blood tests and an x-ray.  We did the blood tests and the x-ray on that same day.
The next day I pulled out of school because Mum and Dad got a call saying “Get Dylan to the hospital quick, he’s got uncontrollable diabetes.”  When we got to the hospital a doctor sniffed my breath and he said “He’s got Type 1 Diabetes.”
When the doctors put a dip in my arm they had 5 nurses holding me down. That night I had to have my blood tested every hour.  I couldn’t sleep all night.
Our training started the next morning after my needle.  Mum says I had a real fear of needles.  After 6 days in hospital I had to stay home for a week.  I had two half days before going back full days to school.  The school has been really helpful.  I gave myself my first needle in November but Mum had to bribe me with a Bionicle.
When it was the Walk to Cure Mum and Dad announced they were forming a support group for children and families with Type 1 Diabetes.
I do Rhee tae kwon do twice a week.  I also went straight back to soccer plus I love swimming.
I am the best carb counter in my family.  Dad reckons I’m dreaming.
I hate Diabetes and I hope one day a cure is found, but for now I live with it and make the most of each day.
My life now has changed from how it used to be.
from Dylan ………… bye

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