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Caleb’s Story

Hi my name is Caleb. I am turning 13 soon and I am in year 8 at Kepnock high school. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes nearly 4 years ago. It was on Bundaberg Show night that I was showing signs that something was not right. The next morning mum took me to the Mater Hospital and they rushed me to the children’s ward. Luckily I was not too sick. My blood sugars were at 24. I was feeling OK I suppose. We were in there for a week to educate us on what to do. Mum took a few days to get use to giving me a needle.

Dr Chris has been looking after me ever since and the diabetes educators up at the hospital.

Late last year at the end of grade 7 I was put on the insulin pump. I was having more lows that year than ever before. I was hypo unaware so it was getting dangerous. Luckily Walkervale school has had a lot of kids there with diabetes and the kids and teachers all know what the signs of a hypo are. They have found me having bad lows and have done something every time. They all knew what my face looked like when I was going low and if I started doing silly things that I usually would not do. I didn’t know myself when I was low.

Now I am on the pump and I feel so much better.

The pump is not for everyone but it sure is good for me. It was a big difference going from up to 4 needles a day to 1 site change every 3 Days. The insulin Pump has made a big difference in my blood sugars and diet too. I do not have severe lows any more. I am not  sure what my HBA levels are right now but they have been really good since the pump. It as given me more freedom on the pump too. I go anywhere now. I still go swimming, fishing and anything I want to do. I am  more independent now on the pump. I do take my mobile phone with me though when I am not at home just in case. I even went to school camp like everyone else at the end of last year and we also went to Bali on our holidays. This was just after I was fitted with the pump and we were still learning how to use it! (Thats another story mum want’s me to write about)

I have now joined the RAAFC (Royal Australian Airforce Cadets). Even though I am the only diabetic that has joined Cadets I still do all the activities and Training like everyone else. I will even be going to the Airbases through the year and be able to learn how to fly planes. The reason I was interested in joining the airforce is because I want to be an Engineer.  There are a lot of opportunities to do that with the defence force. My goal is to be based in Canberra with the Australian Defence Force designing and building planes.

So I wrote this to say that don’t think having diabetes stops you from doing anything because it doesn’t.
You still have to keep healthy and look after yourself though and it gets annoying sometimes but that’s all.


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